Floristry Starter Tool Kit


Our Floristry Starter Toolbox is ideal for anyone new to floristry and includes basic tools to get you started - it would also make a wonderful gift for Christmas or Birthday.   The kit is presented in a robust toolbox that is easily transportable.

The Floristry Starter Toolbox includes the basic tools needed in floristry:


Professional Floristry Scissors

Professional Floristry Knife

Pot Tape (12mm)

Stem Tape (13mm)

Reel wire (32 gauge)

Stub wires 

Paper Raffia

Thorn stripper

Poly Ribbon

Floral Glue (50mg)

Mini fix 1m

Flower food sachets (10)

You can order online or call 01223 655661.  Full payment is due prior to the dispatch of the product.  

Delivery is free throughout mainland UK.   We cannot deliver outside the UK.