Midsummer is celebrated this year on June 24th, the representation of the middle of the summer, half way through the year to Christmas and the longest day of the year.    The importance of the day can be traced back many thousands of years.

With the birth of Christianity the festival became known as St John's Eve (the birthday of John the Baptist).    

Traditionally St John's even was seen as a time when the link between this world and the next was at it's most thin and you could end up spirited away by the fairies.  

Flowers were thought to be potent at this time and were traditionally placed under a pillow to entice dreams about future lovers.  

A midsummer wreath is traditionally worn, but creating a birch wreath adorned with summer flowers for your midsummer celebrations is a wonderful way to warn off the fairies!

June 03, 2016 — Sarah Wright

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