Floristry - more than a bunch of flowers

Floristry is so much more than a bunch of flowers in a bouquet! As a florist every day is different - one day you can be up a ladder attaching garlanding to a church archway, up with the lark the next and off the wholesalers and back to the workshop conditioning the flowers for a weekend event!  This is why florists love what they do.  However, it is their skills that need to be kept alive.   Each buttonhole, bridal bouquet, coffin spray, pedestal design takes great skill and attention to detail all of which have taken dedication, hard work and lots of lots of preparation!

Let your florist be creative - it's not all about a bunch of flowers!

Mille Brake - a talented young florist creating a fully wired shower bouquet.  Over 100 stems individually wired and taped - a total of 5 hours work!

July 17, 2017 by Sarah Wright

Grow British!

A great week planned to celebrate British Flowers Week.  Monday evening Cathy from The Midnight Garden Flower Farm hosted a fantastic workshop for students on developing their own cut flower garden.  Then using the most fragrant flowers from Cathy's own garden students created burlap wraps.  All rounded off with a good old fashioned cream tea.  Off to New Covent Garden to delve into more British flowers!

Find out more about British Flowers Week here.

June 20, 2017 by Sarah Wright

How does your garden grow?

There is something quite magical about your own flower patch.  Nurturing, watching and then cutting.

If you would love to learn how to grow your own cutting garden we have an evening workshop on July 3rd where the lovely Cathy from the Midnight Flower Farm is going to tell us how to get started with "Grow British!".

We picked up some flowers from Cathy today - they are just gorgeous!

June 01, 2017 by Sarah Wright

British Flowers Week

British Flowers Week this year is 19th - 25th June and at The Cambridge Flower School we are preparing for a busy week.   New Covent Garden Market organise the event to shine a spotlight on the best of British cut flowers and showcase just what British flowers are made of!

People are once again appreciating the value of locally-grown, freshly cut flowers and of course fly the "Homegrown" flag!

Support your local flower industry and if you want to learn more, take a look at the workshops we are offering during June to celebrate flowers this summer!

View Summer workshops


May 10, 2017 by Sarah Wright

Festival of flowers

Easter to many is now just a four day break, but we should remember that it really is a festival of resurrection.  Flowers are used throughout the world to celebrate this time and as Easter falls at the time when our gardens are starting to blossom make use of the gorgeous spring flowers available this time of year.

Yellow tulips, ranunculus, narcissi and a host of other cheeriness make a wonderful addition to a natural silver birch wreath to welcome guests at your front door!


Students at our Easter Wreath workshop


Lilly Olivia Flowers

Many of our students go on to start up their own floristry businesses - some take a few months and others a couple of years.  With jobs and children sometimes it takes a while to make the transition - not simply as you need to make sure you have all the right skills, but life, children and the mortgage are important contenders too!

One student who is taking her time and building her skills is Elicia Adams.  From Fashion Designer to Florist is building her floristry business "Lilly Olivia Flowers" the right way - with planning, the use of social media and support of her family (in fact her mum Lucy has been doing all the courses with her to help with all the weddings and projects!)

Beautiful work and attention to detail - well done Elicia, and we will see you back at the school in April!

You can find out more about by taking a look at our Student Stories.

March 22, 2017 by Sarah Wright

Go "a-mothering"

Tracing Mothering Sunday goes back to the sixteenth century when people returned to their mother church (where you were baptised) for a service on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In later times, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother church with their own mothers and families.  It was often the only time that whole families gathered together.

The children would pick wild flowers along the way to place in the church or give to their mothers.  Eventually this tradition evolved into the Mothering Sunday that we have today.

March 07, 2017 by Sarah Wright

Get creative this Christmas!

With only a few weeks to Christmas now is the time to get creative and make your design for your front door.

If you have missed our workshops, simply follow our guide (as featured in the Cambridge Edition.  Lots of fun and you can get the children involved!

Kisses under the Mistletoe

What is the story behind kissing under the mistletoe?

Mistletoe is a plant that grows on trees, high up in the branches - particularly apple trees.  It is a plant of peace - if enemies meet by chance underneath it they have to lay down their arms and maintain a truce until the next day!

This is thought to be the origin of mistletoe as we know it today.  Hanging a ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and exchanging kisses is a sign of friendship and goodwill.

However, watch out, if a couple exchange a kiss under the mistletoe it is a promise to marry - so be careful who catches you under this magical berried plant this year!

November 24, 2016 by Sarah Wright

Cambridge Flower Company

For many of our students finding work experience on completion of the Career Course or Floristry for Beginners evening course can be difficult.  So, to make it so much easier to gain real life floristry experience we have opened a floristry shop in the nearby village of Haslingfield.

A fully functional florist shop, the Cambridge Flower Company is different to any other.   A floristry shop that actively encourages students to experience life behind the counter in all aspects of life as a florist (hands on, guided by us).

So, book on a career course or beginners evening course and you too could be joining us in our gorgeous new shop!  To find out about the shop go to

September 30, 2016 by Sarah Wright