Daffodils - the flower to make you smile!

If you ever needed a flower to make you smile - then all you need are daffodils.  These vision of spring are a perfect antidote to the cold winter months.  Take a look at our video on how to look after these rays of sunshine!

February 03, 2021 by Sarah Clerke

What colour Valentine are you?

Whether you want to convey passion, respect, happiness in love – there are lots of different colours you could choose this Valentine’s Day.  It doesn't always have to be red and using different colours together is an ideal solution when you have lots to say!

  • Pink flowers convey a love of happiness and joy.
  • Purple flowers are ideal for someone that you both admire and love.
  • Red flowers of course mean love with passion and desire.
  • White flowers convey the beauty and elegance of love.
  • Yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship, new relationships and beginnings.
  • Orange flowers are ideal for anyone with a passion for life symbolising energy and warmth.
  • Lavender flowers are the most sacred, sending the love of feminine beauty.