Ready for Ranunculus?

These beautiful spring flowers take their name from the Latin word for frog! The wild variety grow in swampy areas and originate from central Asia. Soft stemmed they need gentle handling. Perfect for a spring wedding they come in wide range of colours from subtle whites and creams to vibrant cerise!

January 15, 2019 by Sarah Wright

Festival of flowers

Easter to many is now just a four day break, but we should remember that it really is a festival of resurrection.  Flowers are used throughout the world to celebrate this time and as Easter falls at the time when our gardens are starting to blossom make use of the gorgeous spring flowers available this time of year.

Yellow tulips, ranunculus, narcissi and a host of other cheeriness make a wonderful addition to a natural silver birch wreath to welcome guests at your front door!


Students at our Easter Wreath workshop