Autumn - the deep berry season...

Watch out in your local market for the gorgeous flowers, colours and varieties now available.  It is a time to mix rich deep colours (no more summer vintage), big leaves and berries.

We just love the abundance of berries, from Viburnum to rosehips that you can pick from your own garden.  Mix with the new growth ivy and add some big bloom flowers.  Dry Dahlias, Celosia, Hydrangea or Brassica or even artichokes for a stunning but simple design.

Why not come back to school and try it for yourself!   

The Humble Chrysanthemum

Autumn provides an abundance of flowers and foliage with large Chrysanthemum blooms in a gorgeous palette of golds, oranges and reds, hazel toned foliage and an abundance of berries.  There is plenty to choose from.  Don't ignore chrysanths; mass the small headed varieties together, make the most of the stunning hydrangea now available (and at the best price).  Go foraging - bark, nuts, berries all go to make a very unique design.     Gourds, pumpkins, cucumis - have a look what you can find!

Want to try?

This could be made as a handtied and put in a vase or as a posy arrangement in oasis - Chrysanths, Rudbeckia (but you could use berries), roses and ivy.  Note, create a collar of foliage, there is very little foliage between the flowers.  


Varieties to look out for in Autumn

Brassica - big cabbage heads

Gladioli - late summer bloomer and easy to find

Chrysanthemums - Autumn is their prime season 

Hydrangea - gorgeous large heads

Sunflowers - yes, they are available all Autumn

Bull Rushes - add to arrangements for a real statement

Anigozanthos - otherwise known as Kangaroo Paw

Physalis - orange bells

Dahlias - vibrant colours mix well with Autumn tones

Rosehip - just gorgeous!

Sedum - wonderful filler

There is so much to Autumn that we embrace as florists as the change in season and new varieties allows to get creative and try out new ideas!

September 03, 2015 by Sarah Wright

Autumn in our studio

Nearly the end of September and we are busy in the studio working on new ideas for workshops and courses.   Whether using flowers from the garden, like these fading hydraenga - they make a lovely autumnal arrangement in a rustic wooden box.



Bulrushes or "Buggy Whips" which you may hear them called are strong and give height - would look good in a tall vase with just foliage and berries as well.



September 25, 2014 by Sarah Clerke