Ready for Ranunculus?

These beautiful spring flowers take their name from the Latin word for frog! The wild variety grow in swampy areas and originate from central Asia. Soft stemmed they need gentle handling. Perfect for a spring wedding they come in wide range of colours from subtle whites and creams to vibrant cerise!

January 15, 2019 by Sarah Wright

Autumn - the deep berry season...

Watch out in your local market for the gorgeous flowers, colours and varieties now available.  It is a time to mix rich deep colours (no more summer vintage), big leaves and berries.

We just love the abundance of berries, from Viburnum to rosehips that you can pick from your own garden.  Mix with the new growth ivy and add some big bloom flowers.  Dry Dahlias, Celosia, Hydrangea or Brassica or even artichokes for a stunning but simple design.

Why not come back to school and try it for yourself!   

Interesting, weird and simply hilarious wedding facts!

August is the busy period for weddings in the UK, with Saturdays still the most popular day to get married.  To lighten the load for those of you who are working on weddings or thinking about it - here are just a few true facts including a few that we had a giggle at!


    August 06, 2015 by Sarah Wright

    Wedding Flowers – watching the pennies…

    With the sun shining on a Friday afternoon in March we are planning our wedding courses for the summer.  Grabbing the light is important – flowers photograph so much better in natural light than in the studio.

    Wedding flowers do not have to cost a fortune.  Always look for creative ways of using seasonal flowers, lots of foliage and cheaper flower varieties that you may have never considered before.  Often it is how you use them that matters!

    Here we have a simple hand-tied bridal posy using carnations.  They are a variety that is multi-toned and used together are just as effective as more expensive hydrangea, roses or peonies.  They are also easy to work with and last a very long time.

    If you would like to learn to create wedding flowers do take a look at our wedding courses – we have a great variety available  - take a look here>> Wedding Courses

    Little can be gorgeous!

    Creating lots of smaller arrangements and using them grouped together can have just as much impact as a massive table centre.  I love the vintage style (my husband says it is because I am getting old) using old containers filled with flowers that look that they have been lovingly put together.  

    These honey jars have cleverly disguised floral foam in them - allowing a natural look with precision placing!   If you would like to learn more, why not book on our Parties & Events Workshop on 24th April - you might just get inspired!

    February 13, 2015 by Sarah Wright