If you haven't done your Christmas present wrapping yet and want to make them really special this year, have a go at making a beautiful bow.  We show you the tricks of making a stunning bow that you can add to presents, your Christmas tree, around a bottle of wine or even to put on your Christmas Wreath!

If you have wired edge ribbon you will get a better shape to your bow.

1. You will need 2 pieces of ribbon, one to create the actual bow and the other that you will use secure the bow.  We would suggest practicing on cheap ribbon first before you use any expensive satin ribbon.

2. Take one length of ribbon and bend in half as if you were going to tie it around someone's neck.

3. Push the higher at the back to meet the lower section and pinch together in the middle.

4. Wrap the other piece of ribbon around the centre pinch and tie in a knot at the back.

5. You know have two pieces of ribbon to attach to your object.

6. You can trim the tails of the ribbon at an angle to make them look neat.


December 15, 2014 — Sarah Wright

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