Are you entertaining this Easter, or perhaps would like something bright and cheerful for your home?
This Easter Daffodil Topiary is easy to make and costs less than £10.00 to make!

  • 2 or 3 bunches of Daffodils (open are better)
  • Carnations or other flowers to go round the base
  • A pot
  • Square of cellophane or plastic bag
  • Wet Oasis block (we only used 1/3rd block)
  • Raffia or string
To create
  1. You need to create a domed handtied bunch from the daffodils. Hold them in one hand adding additional daffodils to create the domed bunch.
  2. Tie with raffia or string just under the domed bunch.
  3. Screw up your cellophane and place in the pot. This will give the topiary more height.
  4. Place the Daffodils in the centre of the pot on top of the cellophane.
  5. Use cut pieces of oasis to secure the base of the bunch in the pot. The oasis can be trimmed so it is no longer than the pot.
  6. Add short carnations or other flowers into the oasis at the base of the pot. You could use any flowers with strong stems or for a more natural look cover in moss and wind trailing ivy and twigs around the base. 

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