Many of our students are considering setting up their own floristry business, whether from home or a shop.  

However, it is easy to get wrapped up in the delightful world of flowers and forget that you probably need to earn a living from your new found love!

Starting a floristry business may seem a big step, but there are simple things that you can do that do not have to cost a fortune that will start your marketing on the right path.  You need to have a presence online - the majority of brides, companies and potential customers will be using their computer or mobile device to find you.  If they can't they will simply go to another florist who they can find online.

Setup a Facebook Page - even if you don't want to use Facebook personally, for your business it can have great rewards.  Look at other social media such as Twitter and Pinterest.  They are all free but will give you a boost when people are looking for a florist in your area.

Create a website - you do not have to spend a fortune, especially at the beginning.  There are options available that are free (although limited).

Most important?  Keep it all up to date - add new pictures and postings at least one a month.  Google and the other search engines like to see that your information is relevant and unique.  Brownie points for any new business.

Put time aside to spend on marketing (not money) - and you will reap the rewards (which means you can spend more time doing what you love - making a living as a florist).

Take a look at our Intensive Career Course or Starting a Floristry Business Course.

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