The fragrant sweet pea originates from 17th century Italy when visitors brought this dainty flower back to England.  It's horticultural name, Lathyrus Odorous comes from the Greek for pea and the Latin from fragrant.

They are considered to be the floral emblem of Edwardian England and were an important part of floral arrangements for weddings and dinner parties.

Cutting the flowers at the right time improves the vase life. The best time of day to cut is early in the morning, when the ground is still wet from the night air, or late in the evening after they are rehydrated. 

To condition, cut the stems 1 to 2 inches. Place them in a bucket of water that comes up to the neck of the flowers and set them in a shaded location for at least 6 hours.  When you are ready to arrange the flowers in a vase, remove the lower leaves below the water level.

Place the stems in small vases with tall, narrow necks that will support the stems. Use three or more vases close together for mingled flowers that create a full, unified look. 

The perfect April flower!

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