Chamelaucium, more commonly known as Wax Flower is back and we are so thrilled we just had to shout about it. We florists have many reasons to love Chamelaucium, below is just a few of them....

1. It looks wonderful 

2. It's available from Autumn through to Spring

3. It has a gorgeous lemony scent 

4. Strong and woody stems make it a dream to work with and it has great longevity

It's no wonder we love it!


Chamelaucium comes in a variety of shades of pink, white and purple and is a stunning addition to any bouquet, arrangement or garden. 

This picture below is a little example of White Chamelaucium adding a wonderful wild feeling to a little table arrangement. 

We decided as we love it so much we ought to do some digging to find out a bit more about this little beauty. So here are some fun facts. 

It originates from South West Australia and over their it is a sign of a happy wedding so it is often used alone in bridal work or table centrepieces. 

It is part of the Myrtle family which you may know features heavily in our royal bridal bouquets here in England. 

Chamelaucium is a long lasting flower and because of this it symbols Lasting Love so it is perfect for weddings, especially those in the winter. It is said to ease sensitivity and help you open your heart to love.

It was discovered and named by famous French Botanist Rene Louiche Desfontaines in 1819, but it is unknown how he came to choose the name Chamelaucium. 

 We hope you are feeling a little inspired by this wonderful flower and that you can open your heart to love it!

August 14, 2018 — Sarah Wright

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