Floristry is so much more than a bunch of flowers in a bouquet! As a florist every day is different - one day you can be up a ladder attaching garlanding to a church archway, up with the lark the next and off the wholesalers and back to the workshop conditioning the flowers for a weekend event!  This is why florists love what they do.  However, it is their skills that need to be kept alive.   Each buttonhole, bridal bouquet, coffin spray, pedestal design takes great skill and attention to detail all of which have taken dedication, hard work and lots of lots of preparation!

Let your florist be creative - it's not all about a bunch of flowers!

Mille Brake - a talented young florist creating a fully wired shower bouquet.  Over 100 stems individually wired and taped - a total of 5 hours work!

July 17, 2017 — Sarah Wright

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