When temperatures hit the mid to high 20's it is time to rethink the flowers we buy if you want them to last!

Whether we love peonies, stocks and delphiniums these are not going to last long - so you either prepare to change your flowers every 5 days or so, or you look for alternatives that do love the warm weather.

Look to where flowers are naturally grown - warm climates, tropical heats and countries where water is sparse.

There are fantastic tropical and sub-tropical flowers available from your florist.   There are even flowers grown in the UK that love the sun, Helianthus, the fantastically strong sunflower is a good example.

Look out for Protea (South Africa), Grevelia (Australia), Leucospernum (South Africa), (Alpinias (Asia), Curcuma (Asia and Australia), Heliconia (South America) and Banksia (Australia).  All are big bloom flowers and make a fantastic display with just a few.  Add some big palm leaves for your own tropical paradise.

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