When you receive a fabulous handtied bouquet delivered with a water bubble (aqua pack), do you remove it?  

Yes you should!  The water bubble is simply there to ensure that when your florist delivers the flowers they have a source of water in case you are out and they, for example, have to leave with a neighbour.   The water bubble is not a vase.  In fact the cellophane that holds the water will heat up (plastic is great at that) and bacteria will start to grow fairly rapidly after a couple of days.

What you need to do is remove that water bubble as soon as possible!  You can keep the tissue paper and kraft paper for a bit longer (unless the flowers are wrapped in cellophane - then that needs to come off too!).  You can keep the bouquet tied together as this will help with the shape of the design in the vase.

The flowers should sit on the neck of the vase and remove any foliage below the water line (a good florist will have done this already for you.

Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and place in fresh water (with the sachet of flower food that came with the flowers).

Then every 2-3 days take the flowers out of the vase (if they are still tied this makes it easier), empty the vase of the dirty water, clean the vase with a mild bleach solution and add water.  Re-cut your stems and place in the water.

Keep doing this and your flowers will last longer!

Flowers love fresh water - it really is that simple...


March 27, 2019 — Sarah Wright

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