There is so much more to floristry than flowers!  If you are thinking that as a florist we sit down all day playing with flowers - then you could not be more wrong.  Floristry is a creative art, but running a floristry business is as much about the "business" as it is the creative side.  With a live stock product buying the right flowers and right quantities is hugely important.

These days, many florists can order online from wholesalers - order one day and the flowers are with us the next.  As a florist we have to learn the botanical names of flowers (as not everyone around the world knows a Carnation as a Carnation), understand stem length, grade, ripeness levels and head sizes.

Once the ordering is complete, we clean the buckets, condition the flowers and make sure we have our blooming beauties at their best ready for the customers!

If you would like to become a florist, our Intensive Floristry Career Course is a great start.  The course is designed to be realistic - not a ladies that lunch course, but full on floristry - real floristy with designs that will sell and the business back up you need to get started.

October 17, 2017 — Sarah Wright

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