The first sign of spring for many is when the Daffodils start to bloom.  A sure sign that winter is on it's way out!


But the simple Daffodil (Narcissus - botanical name) is a lucky symbol of future prosperity throughout the world.  

Sometimes referred to as Jonquils or the "Lent Lily" in Wales if you spot the first Daffodil of the season it is said that the next year will be filled with wealth!  So get hunting and keep your fingers crossed!

It is the birth flower of March and of course the national flower of Wales.  It is also the 10th wedding anniversary flower which is said to ensure happiness.  On St David's Day (1st March) it is tradition to wear a Daffodil.

The sap of the Daffodil can shorten the live of other flowers in the vase, however, if you cut the stem of the Daffodils and put them in a vase of flowers on their own for 30 minutes first and then add them to other flowers, they will all live happily together.  They need plenty of water so make sure you keep the vase full.

But most importantly enjoy this national treasure and brighten your home!

March 01, 2019 — Sarah Wright

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