We have cleaned and scrubbed and probably gone over the top with the yellow stickers on the floor of where to stand, but we really want everyone to feel safe as well as enjoy their time at The Cambridge Flower School!

There are a few changes, notably that there are far fewer students on a course - one of the benefits for you!  We have moved the workbenches so that students are no longer facing each other and you get a whole workbench to yourself!  Added to that the face masks, personal hand sanitiser and yellow stickers on the floor so you know where to stand, we really are running courses as normally as we can.  We even have brand new deck chairs for the garden, so you can still enjoy your breaks in the garden if you want to (socially distanced of course!).

So, if you were a little bit worried about attending, please don't be!

A big thank you to all our students who have attended recently or are due to attend, without you we wouldn't be here!

Here are some students (donning their face masks) who have recently attended courses with us.


July 12, 2020 — Sarah Clerke

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