Have you seen some of the silk flowers that are now available in stores just around the corner?  They are amazing!  No longer made from poor quality materials and in a fantastic array of varieties and colours they are a welcome addition to any florist's product range.  I remember being a bit "sniffy" about silks - until a lovely student Daylin introduced me to a fabulous range (she had bought far to many so I bought some from her).  They are strong and flexible and having been experimenting they really do fill a gap in the market.

They last forever!  You do have to store them correctly (protected and away from direct sunlight).

Brilliant in the height of summer for big wedding and event display (we use them on our wedding and event course to show how flexible they are).  If you have ever been up all night worried about your hydrangea wilting you will will know what I mean!

Mix in with fresh foliage and unless someone actually touches them they won't have a clue.

Recyclable - yes!  With our constant awareness of being as eco-friendly as possible, silk flowers are a brilliant example of where we can reuse.  No waste.

Keeps the costs down.  Hire out silk displays - a great way to boost your fresh designs.

We are a great believer at the school in trying things out - not just taking someone's word for it.  We learn from experimenting and trial and error (and a bit of pulling our hair out when we have to start again!).  So we all have to learn and keep updating our skills - that is what makes floristry such a fantastic career!

January 15, 2020 — Sarah Clerke

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