Yes, really - it maybe summer, but there is one flower in particular that needs plenty of water (and I mean plenty).  The gorgeous Hydrangea!

  1. Cut Hydrangea will often last for days and then next time they wilt almost immediately.  To make the most of these stunning blooms here as some useful tips:
  2. It is important to cut the stems regularly as there is a sticky sap that can clog the stems preventing the water reaching the heads.
  3. When cutting Hydrangea, immediately after cutting (and do this late at night or early morning) put them in tepid water (and plenty of it).
  4. Boil a mug size amount of water.
  5. Cut the Hydrangea to the desired length (cut at an angle) and stand in the hot water for 30 seconds.
  6. Remove the lower foliage and immediately transfer the Hydraenga into tepid water and arrange.
  7. Put them in plenty of water - they drink loads, check every day!  Don't just top it up, recut the stems at an angle and add new tepid water. (if they are wilting try the hot water trick again).



July 06, 2016 — Sarah Wright

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