Feedback from students.....

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of changing their careers. I'm looking forward to following my dreams now.
Ann Le Marquand-Richardson | Floristry Career Course | February 2024

It covered a lot of different skills and has inspired me to carry on with flower arranging at home. Packed with lots of tips and hope to be back soon!
Joanna Olivey | Beginners Taster | February 2024

Loved this workshop. Really friendly and therapeutic to come to this class. I am a complete beginner but felt that didn't matter at all. 
Jenny Hill | Flowers and Frogs | February 2024

Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new hobby, develop their floristry skills and style, and meet lots of lovely people!  
Lindsay Pike | Beginners Evening Course | Spring 2024

Really enjoyed the no-foam workshop. Being a commercial florist, I was unsure of how well the designs would work without using foam. I was surprised at how well I could make the design and how easy it was to produce. I have learnt a lot of techniques that I could use in a commercial setting and will be taking the design to the local funeral directors to show them I can now product no-foam compostable designs.
Katherine Moody | No Foam Floristry | October 2023

Excellent! Tutor was very knowledgeable: helpful tips - lovely small group. Good understanding of no foam principal and this is something I will take and use to become a greener florist.
Leah Franscombe | No Foam Floristry | October 2023

Absolutely loved it. Didn't want it to end. Hungry to learn more and loved the friendly atmosphere. Excellent tutoring, very patient and happy to explain a second time. I'll be back!
Alison Bye | Beginners Taster Day | November 2023

I did enjoy every class, it felt relaxing and fun. My favourite class was centre piece and autumn meadow. I did enjoy how the classes were structured and the info was clear and inspiring. Thank you.
Betty Rueda | Beginners Evening Course | Autumn 2023

I absolutely adored my 3 days with the girls, so many new skills learnt to use in the future. So much info my brain hurts! I've now far more confidence in my creations. Thank you so much, I will be back soon! xx
Sally Liverton | The Wedding Course | October 2023

The Course was amazing! It had a great level of detail as a follow up from the Career course. It has given me a fantastic skill set and knowledge to be able to move forward with flowering a wedding! Thank you so much
Sally Camps | The Wedding Course | October 2023

Excellent! Obviously when you initially sign up for the course it seems like a lot of money, but when you get here its worth every penny. The course is a perfect mix of practical and theory. Although the logistics of floristry feels like a heavy area, it was important to show the reality and I think that's what I like most about the course: It's very realistic. The course is great for beginners and even for people like me who didn't know the name of most plants. I would defiantly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you!
Amadae Dowd | Career Course | October 2023

This course is the perfect combination of theory and practical. It was so joyous and creative with the right dose of reality to take forward a business. The team are warm and accessible and the tips and tricks of the trade so helpful. I left feeling inspired and lifted, could not recommend the Floristry Career course enough. Thank you!
Rachel Cockerton | Career Course | October 2023

Worth every penny. It's a real life look behind the curtain of floristry and covers so many aspects and expectations.
Lauren Gibson | Career Course | October 2023

Great day. Good pace and lots learned in an encouraging way! Feel reassured that this is something we can pull off! Thank you 
Katie Manning | DIY Weddings | October 2023

Great day - I felt as though I learned a lot with lots of practical experience. Feel more confident about the big day!
Shona Winnard  | DIY Weddings | October 2023

I was able to try lots of different techniques and definitely felt like I came away from the course with new skills that I can effectively apply at home. I liked that there was a mixed group of people, both young and older, and male and female. The course was friendly and I was able to ask questions and get useful advice. Thank you 
Arden Hutton  | Beginners Taster Day / September 2023

I was able to try lots of different techniques and definitely felt like I came away from the course with new skills that I can effectively apply at home. I liked that there was a mixed group of people, both young and older, and male and female. The course was friendly and I was able to ask questions and get useful advice. Thank you 
Arden Hutton  | Beginners Taster Day / September 2023

Sarah, Emma, Jo - wonderful lovely people who have helped me grow not only in confidence but in knowledge and a great understanding of floristry from start to finish. I am so glad I chose the Cambridge Flower School to train for my business! 
Tinamarie Smith | Floristry Career Course | September 2023

I was very nervous starting a new career in floristry and this course gave me the encouragement I needed to take the first steps. I will be back for more courses. Sarah, Emma and Jo were so welcoming and supportive.
Sandra Oviawe-Jones| Floristry Career Course | September 2023

This course gave me solid bases needed to create all basic designs in floristry. At the end of the course I was ready to go away with confidence that I have what it needs to become a florist. Now carry on practising!
Dorota Ruszkiewicz | Floristry Career Course | July 2023

I have loved this week course. The variety of flower arrangements which we have been taught and the beauty and quality of flowers have been just amazing! This has been the most fantastic week and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking of a career change or to top up their floristry skills. Sarah and Emma have made it fun, insightful, and we have learnt so many usable skills which I cannot wait to put into practice. 
Samantha Locke | Floristry Career Course | July 2023

This course was great, so much knowledge was shared and Sarah and Emma were such amazing people and were so welcoming and great teacher. Can't wait to sign up for more courses in the future. 
Ryan Day | Floristry Career Course | July 2023

Fantastic! Such a wonderful course - Elle and Emma just inspirational tutors. informative, friendly and created such a comfortable learning environment. Loved all the floristry arrangements and learning as part of a group. The Flowers and foliage just beautiful! It has taken me 2 years to come on this course and has been so worth it and hopefully will be back. 
Rachel Varney | The Wedding Course | June 2023

Outstanding! I'm not a florist - this was the first course I've ever taken and the structure and ability of the course instructors to give clear directions was excellent. So many hints and tips. Definitely given me the bug to do more!
Carolyn Boddington | The Wedding Course | June 2023

I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. The course is jam packed with practical and amazing value for money. I was honestly so surprised with how many flowers you get to play with over the three days. Both Emma and Elle have been incredible, so friendly, things are broken down and they have been a joy to learned from. I will be back! 
Cheryl Chisholm | The Wedding Course | June 2023

Lovely friendly environment, Location is beautiful and workshop is spacious but small enough for intimate feel to the class. really informative session, paced well with lots of hints and tips and of course beautiful blooms. Thank you. 
Ann Beck | Summer Meadow Design | May 2023

It was the happiest, most amazing week. I learnt so much and am so excited to begin my floristry journey. I want this to now be a part of my life and I have the belief now I can do it and where to start - Thank you.
Laura Rockett | Floristry Career Course | January 2023

It was a lovely couple of days - very relaxed, lovely friendly colleagues and of course armfuls of beautiful flowers - I dont have the words to describe the amazing peonies!!! And to was really nice to end with a "social" = a picnic and a glass of fix out in the sunshine. Just Lovely!
Sue Huggett | Summer Flowerfest | June 2023

Excellent! The course was very informative. Sarah and Elle are fantastic tutors, everything was explained simply and clearly, they always took the time and patience to help each member of the class individually. Each session was relaxed and hugely enjoyable - even the homework!
I would highly recommend the Cambridge Flower School, not only to learn about flowers and arrangement techniques but also to meet new people. to be creative and do something different. A big thank you.
Jo Awbery-Maskell | Beginners Evening Course | January- March 2023

A really enjoyable, informative yet relaxing day. Both the venue and our teacher Sarah were delightful - the tasks set were perfect - doable but with a degree of challenge too. Would thoroughly recommend!
Sarah Phelan | Beginners Floristry Taster | July 2023

Lots of information and support given. A lovely course - all questions answered. Informative and nothing too much trouble. Great environment. Limited number of students which was brilliant and enabled me to learn. 
Hazel Wilson | The Wedding Course | February 2023

Very enjoyable - learnt new skills as well as using previous skills from other courses. A lovely selection of fresh flowers and foliage used, to create a beautiful bowl. I had never thought of wearables so lovely ideas to use again.
Tanya Loveday | Summer FlowerFest | June 2023

Very enjoyable - learnt new skills as well as using previous skills from other courses. A lovely selection of fresh flowers and foliage used, to create a beautiful bowl. I had never thought of wearables so lovely ideas to use again.
Tanya Loveday | Summer FlowerFest | June 2023

Brill, Fab tutors, really helpful and very knowledgeable. Took away some great hints and tips. Great way to update my skills. Thank you.
Pamela Sherlock | Wedding & Event Design | June 2023

The workshop was a really good pace. Emma was a brilliant teacher - very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt comfortable asking her any questions. I thought the 3 arrangements complemented each other really well - we learned 3 different techniques and re-used foliage. I liked the "recipe" tip and I feel confident to use different flowers. I appreciated the breaks as there was a lot to learn. The joining instructions were particularly good and I found it easily. I liked that I could buy a kit.
Angie Crockford | Beginners Taster | May 2023

Lots of information and support given. A lovely course - all questions answered. Informative and nothing too much trouble. Great environment. Limited number of students which was brilliant and enabled me to learn. 
Hazel Wilson | The Wedding Course | February 2023

Excellent! This course was very informative. Sarah and Elle are fantastic tutors, everything was explained simply and clearly. They always took the time and patience to help each member of the class individually. Each session was relaxed and hugely enjoyable - even the homework! I would highly recommend the Cambridge Flower School not only to learn about flowers and arrangement techniques but also to meet new people, to be creative and do something different. A very big thank you. 
Jo Awbery-Maskell | Beginners 6 weeks evening course | Spring 2023

I have loved every minute of this course. Great teachers, beautiful flowers and lovely location. I really like that the groups are small and there is time to ask questions. 
Linn Lekstrom | Beginners 6 weeks evening course | Spring 2023

Really good course that has given me the foundations I need to start the ball rolling!  Will definitely be back for The Wedding Course.  Thank you to all for all your help. Excited to see what the future holds in the floristry world.
Victoria Hilton | Floristry Career Course | January 2023

Excellent in every way. Huge amount of learning but taught in a very enjoyable and informal way. Lots of skills learned and cemented. Great teachers!
Francesca Jackson | Wedding Career Course | November 2022

Loved it! Learned so much every day and the balance of theory and practical work was just right for me. Very good value with generous supply of flowers, foliage and course book and equipment. It was a pleasure to meet such a professional and friendly team - Thank you. 
Fiona Bellringer | Wedding Career Course | November 2022

Excellent teaching as usual. Lovely to be back in such a great learning environment. Learned so much about "moss" or should I say, the wonders of moss!
Helen Averill | Moss & the Mechanics | October 2022

What a fantastic week! Thank you so much Sarah and Emma, I loved every minute. We covered so many topics and learnt so much. It was a great mix of theory and practice. We were spoilt with such beautiful flowers for use in the course too. Thank you also for our fab aprons, tool kit, and of course the delicious daily cake too. The course has provided a wonderful foundation for the start of my floristry career.
Hayley Carrick | Floristry Career Course | May 2022

Keep doing what you are doing! Change nothing! Really enjoyed it and will be back. Thank you so much.
Ian Ross | Floristry Career Course | February 2022

Absolutely loved it!! Learnt sooo much and met some lovely like minded people. This course has given me a boost to 'go for it' and give wedding floristry a go! Will certainly be back to learn new skills on future courses. Thank you so much Sarah and Emma - dream team! 
Laura Keith | Wedding Career Course | January 2022

Absolutely first class, from start to finish. Already have a potential wedding client from posting my class work on Instagram. Will definitely be back for other courses.
Sandy Venables | Floristry Career Course | January 2022

Excellent course - lots of skills covered and also an emphasis on the business side of working with funeral flowers, which is essential. Great atmosphere, lots of support and great teaching. Thank you so much Sarah and Emma!
Abigail Vertigan | Creative Funeral Flowers | October 2021

Another fantastic course. Really enjoyed the three days , and found it really useful learning different methods including traditional methods and eco/bio methods. Thank you Sarah and Emma!
Julie Fierro | Creative Funeral Flowers | October 2021

I have really enjoyed this week. I feel I have learned so many skills on becoming a florist and creating some lovely pieces. I have understood how to set up my own business and I am excited for a future in floristry using my new skills.
Sherrie Beach | Floristry Career Course | August 2021

I enjoyed every second! Sarah is fantastic.. an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable about the wonderful world of floristry. I'm leaving with the confidence to learn more and hopefully start a brand new creative career.
Helen Averill | Floristry Career Course | May 2021

Enjoyed the course, lots of useful tips on marketing and working from home.  Class very well setup under COVID restrictions and clearly lots of thought and efford taken into making sure environment is secure.  Looking forward to the next one!
Gemma Bass | Christmas as a Florist | October 2020

What a fantastic day!  All the basics, step-by-step and in a relaxed space.  I would highly recommend this to anybody wanting to learn a new skill or who has ever been interested in the world of floristry.  Thank you for a great day!
Liesel Murphy | Beginners Floristry Taster | August 2020

A really lovely workshop, great to learn the basics of floristry.  Sarah is a brilliant instructor and explained everything really well.  The social distancing worked well and everything was well organised.  It felt extremely safe.
Amanda Hammond | Beginners Floristry Taster | July 2020

Brilliant!  I had a wonderful time and learnt so much.  I’d tried to learn to hand tie a bouquet from a book, but just couldn’t get it right.  Sarah explained the technique so clearly, and my bouquet looked great! 
Rebecca Mitchell | Hand Tied Workshop | January 2020 

Excellent instruction, has created so many ideas as well as challenges, certainly has made me question the way I was thinking of doing things, and excited to get things started now.  Sarah was fun and entertaining in presentation and extremely informative, thanks!
Theresa Bradstreet | Starting a Floristry Business | January 2020 

Loved this course.  Really pushed me out of my comfort zone at times.  Have once again, learnt a lot with great tips from both Sarah & Claire.  A lovely group of ladies to work with as well.
Natasha Canning | Wedding & Event Design | November 2019 

"Excellent workshop.  Very informative, friendly and helpful.  Venue is very convenient and easy to access.  Loved it - thank you!"
Mrs L Bunning | Handtied Workshop | September 2019

I've thoroughly enjoyed my day.  Clear instructions and a wonderful environment to learn in.  Some very worthwhile results to take home too!  Thank you.
Vicki Culverwell | Floristry Taster | June 2019

Fantastic as usual - great to learn a new skill.  Sarah's tuition is first class and builds confidence.  Really enjoyed all aspects of this one day course.

Karen Wheeler | Shower Bouquet | February 2019

Absolutely fabulous!  From beginner to confident in 3 days.  Unbelievable good teaching.  Lovely people, lovely surroundings and good catering.  Highly recommend.
Diane Barker | Wedding Floristry Intensive | February 2019

Loved it! All of you were so nice, delivered all the information really well and I'm confident going home to Iceland and practice, practice practice!

Johanna Iris | Intensive Career Course | October 2018

After attending a course in 2017 I know that the teaching would be of a very high standard - and this week exceeded my expectations! I have already started doing some floristry work, but lacked confidence and knowledge to develop further. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to get an insight into all aspects of floristry - and I will return home ready to develop a business plan and focus on the areas fo floristry I'm interested in. But more importantly I will book some future courses so that I can develop my skills and confidence and I know the teaching will be excellent. Thank you to the three of you!!
Jana Teteris | Intensive Career Course | September 2018

Excellent morning. Instructions were clear and concise and I ended up with a bouquet to be proud of. The instructor was very friendly and the group interacted very well. I would definitely recommend the course. 
Charlotte Pugh | Hand-tied Workshop | July 2018

This was excellent, covering all aspects of producing a large, beautiful pedestal display. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.
Helen Ike | Perfect Pedestals | July 2018

Great value for money. In depth skills and techniques covered and materials in use were abundant and varied! Extremely insightful and I now feel much more equipped for the professional wedding floristry world! Enjoyable atmosphere with super friendly instructors! See you next month!
Hannah Hall | Bridal Intermediate | July 2018

What a fantastic day! I've wanted to try floristry for some time and I'm so glad it was this course I came on. It was great to try the three different arrangements and I'm looking forward to booking my next course.
Vicky Ager | Beginners Floristry Taster | July 2018

Enjoyed it immensely. Really feel like I have learnt new skills and will definitely put them into practice! Tutors were very personable and knowledgeable. Very easy to listen to and approach to ask any Questions. Lovely flowers. Fab lunch. A great day.
Sally Lane | Beginners Floristry Taster | June 2018

Excellent course. Really helpful, enthusiastic and supportive teachers. Felt like I've learned loads though I know there's so much more! Thoroughly enjoyed my three days and will be back! Oh -  forgot to mention the beautiful flowers we got t work with. Very inspiring. 
Sue Kearsey | Wedding Floristry for Beginners Intensive | May/June18

Brilliant, clear instructions and demonstrations, clear step by step progression. Ample one - to - one support with requested. Lovely quality and range of flowers and foliage to work with. Super outcomes - lovely things to take home. Friendly, happy, creative atmosphere and warm welcome. Yummy food. 
Emma Smith | Beginners Floristry Taster | May 2018

Amazing! Have thoroughly enjoyed my week. Clear instruction, lovely people, delicious food - would highly recommend you. Thanks 
Lucy Living | Intensive Career Course | May 2018

My third course and FAB as always! Love how practical and business minded the course is - which is just what I need! Thanks again
Phillippa Harker | Archways and Garlands | May 2018

Another fantastic course! I've learnt lots of new things, garlanding, wiring work, pedestals. I now feel confident in making a pedestal and have a good knowledge of the mechanics. I enjoyed it and cannot wait to the next one! Thank you Sarah! Thanks for the Cake!
Joanne Leleu | Wedding and Event Design | April 2018

Once again a fantastic course with I enjoyed so much! The way methods are taught make everything seem manageable. Hope to see you both again soon!
Elichia Robinson | Bridal Intermediate | April 2018

Brilliant! I have enjoyed every single second. I have learned so much and feel a great sense of achievement. All the teaching was excellent, the pace was just right and the course booklet really good too. To have such a fabulous array of flowers and containers was a real joy too. I'd really love to do more....I am really going to miss Tuesday evenings. ........oh yes, the cake was pretty good too! 
Sally Nott | Floristry for Beginners Evening Course | Jan-March 2018

So many helpful tips to give me confidence to give it a go.  Wonderful, patient teaching.
Liz Bush | Church Flowers | February 2018

I had 2 amazing days, working with Sarah, who's fantastic teacher, learning new skills and having a very good time in the Flower School. I'm coming back for my 3rd course soon!! Thank you!! Andrea 
Andrea Giordano | Creative Funeral Flowers | January 2018

This day course was invaluable in picking up hints and tips along with very useful tools such as master spreadsheet to work out quantity and pricing. This is a MUST do course. Thanks for the cake and lunch and fantastic teaching. 
Helen Pettit | Wedding Costings and Quotations | January 2018

It was a very enjoyable experience, delightful tutor who was very helpful. Would recommend to friends and family. Learnt a lot. 
Irene Estall | Hantied Bouquet | January 2018

Loved it! So insightful and helpful, learned so much and had great time! Sarah is wonderful and passes on her knowledge so well. Worth the money and hope to be back! 

Brilliant workshop! Filled with lots of fun. Will be back and will also recommend. 
Sophie Hart | Traditional Christmas Wreath | Nov 2017

The course is very informative and really enjoyable. The quality of the materials used to work with are current and in trend with the demands of the Floristry Industry. The tutor has excellent current knowledge and provides good underpinning tips of the trade to provide maximum assistance. Thank you Sarahx
Jayne MacGregor | Wedding and Event Design | November 2017

Absolutely amazing! I have really felt like this course has given me a great foundation to build on, and hopefully one day, start my own floristry business. All the sessions were easy to follow and to remember when it came to recreating each piece at home! I have already booked on to more courses and will continue to attend and recommend CFS. Thank you xxx
Laura Bannister | Floristry for Beginners Evening Course | September - November 2017

Absolutely loved it - Sarah is excellent and nailed the course content and length. I feel very confident I can produce much better bouquets than I would have before. Thank you ladies, I am always recommending you! 
Julia Moore | Bridal Flowers Intermediate | November 2017

Such an informative and enjoyable day - the time just flew by. Sarah is so knowledgeable and share this freely. The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly - I will definitely be back for more. Thank you!
Karen Wheeler | Beginners Floristry Taster | November 2017

This course is excellent for anyone wanting to improve on funeral flower arranging that only had a small amount of knowledge. Its a good variety of arrangements made on the course and I now feel confident in that I can go away and make arrangements for any funeral work that I get. As always great cake and yummy lunches. 
Jenny Marchant | Beginners Funeral Flowers | November 2017

Loved the workshop. So much info and learnt lots of good tips to progress my business. Will definitely look at other courses.
Ellice Cundall | Starting a Floristry Business | October 2017

Very enjoyable day - I learnt alot! Informative and well paced for each stage. Added bonus of a delicious lunch. I will be back for more courses!
Emily Lambert | Beginners Floristry Taster | October 2017

Really really lovely. It's been really interesting learning the shapes of pedestals and making alter pieces. Sarah is really good at explaining every step and helping you on a 1-1 basis. Fantastic! Thank you. 

Lottie Turner | Church Flowers | October 2017

Fantastic! I really enjoyed the whole 3 days and will look to come back. All very useful! It has been such a relaxing atmosphere to learn - perfect! Loved the cooking!
Megan Thomas | Wedding Floristry for Beginners Intensive | October 2017

Fabulous day learning about wedding flowers. Lovely atmosphere, clear instructions, lots of time to practice and ask questions when necessary! And of course beautiful flowers. Thank you Sarah for a great day!  
Ros Wood | Wedding Floristry Taster | September 2017

The course was incredibly informative. I love how hands on it is, even knowing it is a group activity there is plenty for everyone to be doing. Great choice of flowers used. Very pleasant atmosphere and great environment to be able to ask questions and gain lots of knowledge from others on the course. 
Gemma Perman | Garlands and Archways | September 2017

Great fun, much more relaxed atmosphere than I anticipated. Learn't a lot. Tutors friendly and helpful. 
Marina Hargreaves | Flowers as Gifts | September 2017

The course was fabulous, better than I ever expected.  I feel well informed about my career possibilities now and the practical element was amazing!  I really thought floristry was a distant dream.  If anything this course has made it a possibility.  Thank you!
Becca Butcher | Intensive Career Course | August 2017

Excellent all round plus additional tips and teaching on costings etc is very helpful. Sarah is brilliant, lovely and friendly and very knowledgeable. I now feel confident to tackle larger scale designs. Thanks so much! xx
Lisa Jones | Wedding and Event Design | August 2017

Absolutely brilliant. The tutors were so friendly, encouraging and helpful. The instructions were crystal clear and we had plenty of time to experiment. I have grown in confidence with using flowers and trying my own arrangements in future. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday - Thank you so much! 
Emma Jones | Beginners Floristry Taster | August 2017 

Excellent as always - learning new techniques taught with great patience and skill, in a very relaxed atmosphere. Company food and drink all excellent too. Mine was a late booking, but I'm so pleased I did! 
Tess Wright | Bridal Intermediate| August 2017

Very informative and realistic career course. Gave me honest opinions as what a career in the business will be like. I started with no confidence and unsure of what my aim in floristry would be and finished with a path in mind to my market and customers I would like to target. I have a name Thistle Dew Floral Design. I have loved the course! Sarah has been amazing and I only wish I lived closer so I could do more short courses! Scotland is too far!  Please come up and do some workshops in Scotland. 
Hermione Wemyss | Intensive Career Course | July 2017

It was a brilliant day! I learn't a lot, will definitely be coming back for more courses. Thanks a lot! (I might even consider changing a career path and leaving my Pharmacist job for good - and I like it a lot!)
Karolina Holacka | Beginners Floristry Taster | July 2017

Been looking into a potential career change and looked at lots, floristry popped out.Sarah says you'll get the bug and I feel I have. This taster course covers the basics with thorough learning but keeping it light and enjoyable and not too intense. I know I need to plan what course to do next as I fully intend on doing more. Thank you so much Sarah X
Stephanie Maclaren | Beginners Floristry Taster | June 2017

The workshop for Midsummer Halo has been INCREDIBLE!! Favourite by far! Sarah has been so encouraging and helpful and has really helped with my confidence! Can't wait for the next!
Jessica Tennant | Midsummer Halo | June 2017

Had a wonderful time, really informative. Sarah has a lovely teaching style - open and with humour, we were all allowed to take our time and didn't feel rushed. Made some fantastic pieces. Venue is fantastic, light and airy with beautiful surroundings.
Claire Noumovic | Beginners Floristry Taster | May 2017

This course is lovely, not only for funerals, but all techniques can be used for so many different things. Thank you once again.
Kathy Hughes | Funeral Flowers Intermediate | May 2017

Such a friendly and relaxed way to spend a morning and two beautiful gifts to take home. Very informative, good instruction and so calm. Thank you!
Amanda Fox | Flowers as Gifts | April 2017

Loved the day - as always! Enjoy the clear step by step instructions and the fact that all flowers and materials are supplied. The informal atmosphere help with your confidence - not intimidating ni any way. Extra bonus - lovely cake and lunch!!
Sandra Wesley | Wedding Floristry Taster | April 2017

As usual, a wonderful experience. Lots of tips and confidence in believing you can do this... Sarah is a great teacher and such a relaxing atmosphere and great cake!! A great school for a treat, hobby or starting a business. Thanks! x
Helen Pettit | Church Flowers | April 2017

Had a brilliant time, produced a range of funeral designs using a variety of flowers.  Course speed was perfect.  Had a fantastic couple of days learning the importance of funeral flower work in floristry.
Helen Yarsley | Funeral Flowers for Beginners | February 2017

A very enjoyable and informative day.  Lots of information delivered in a relaxed atmosphere.  The day flew by!  Thank you.
Janice Brown | Beginners Floristry Taster | February 2017

Such a fantastic course for me - clear, step by step instructions and a perfect mix of theory with practical work.  Lovely atmosphere to learn in with Sarah as an incredibly encouraging teacher.  Excellent food too!
Natalie Davis | Floristry Career Course | January 2017

Absolutely fantastic course - from beginning to end! Sarah's knowledge just oozes out, share's everything she knows in a truly accessible, honest and amusing way!  Can't wait to do my Christmas Arch and work on the launch of the new business "The Blissful Florist". Thank you so much xxx
Carolyn Reed | Floristry Career Course | December 2016

Excellent Beginners Course.  Sarah is a wonderful, patient teacher.  I developed a good basic understanding of floristry and look forward to gaining experience now.  Lots of practice at home!  Thank you, I have really enjoyed the 7 week course and would highly recommend for anyone interested in floristry.
Annie Davenport | Beginners Evening Course | September - November 2016

Absolutely loved it!  Sarah is a brilliant teacher - so relaxed, easy to follow and patient.  I learnt a lot, but mostly I've learnt that I want to do more of this!!
Sue Huggett | Floristry Taster | November 2016

Really enjoyable course.  Did not know what to expect, but really surprised how well the course is broken down into manageable sections and the input is very well taught.  Learnt so much from the three days and would happily do another course.
Amanda Armour | Wedding Floristry for Beginners Intensive | October 2016

An excellent day and actually surprisingly mentally tiring!  I enjoyed every aspect particularly the advice on the realities of becoming a florist and life as a florist.  The flowers were of excellent quality and Sarah is a joy to listen to and watch.  Thank you so much for a potentially life-changing day!
Karen Bewick | Floristry Taster | September 2016

A fantastic course!  Very useful with practical advice about both the "hands on" and "business" side of floristry.  The size of the group was perfect  you have everyone tips and feedback where needed.  The course content covered a wide range of topics - a great introduction and starter in which to go away and practice further.  Thank you so much - it has been amazing!
Claire Hodgkins | Floristry Career Course | August 2016

Exceeded my expectations.  Fun, informative and action packed with practicals.  If Sarah can make a florist out of me she can do it with anyone.  Don't dither, book your course today, you'll love it.  Sarah's is so confident giving and I leave full of knowledge and brimming with enthusiasm.
Erica Marrett | Floristry Career Course | June 2016

Excellent tuition.  Explained step by stem with sense of humour!  So glad I achieved it.  Thank you.

Amanda Woodward | Handtied Workshop | June 2016

Fantastic fun, very well organised and super informative.  I learnt loads and discovered an artistic side I didn't know I had.  Would definitely recommend.  Have already booked another course!
Emily Dixon | Beginners Taster | April 2016

Friendly. Informative. Thoroughly enjoyable course.  Excellent quality of flowers, fantastic teaching approach, always encouraging.  Awesome cake!  Looking forward to the next one.
Lisa Bass | Funeral Flowers for Beginners Evening Course | March 2016

Beautiful flowers - so lovely to learn so much.  Great teacher, always had time for you in and out of the classroom.  Lovely atmosphere.  Would completely recommend to anyone.  Want to come back as soon as my work will let me.  Have learnt so much.
Laura Towler | Wedding Floristry Beginners Evening | January - March 2016

Was bought this as a Christmas present and what a lovely present it was.  Enjoyed the morning so much and you get to take the flowers home.  Certainly beats the housework and Tesco on a Saturday morning!
Pauline Ashworth | Flowers as Gifts | January 2016

The best decision I made attending this course.  Sarah is lovely and really patient and everyone makes you feel so welcome.
Jessica Quinn | Intensive Week Floristry Career Course | January 2016

Really enjoyable, I found it to be an informative and fun day.  I didn't think I would be able to produce anything quite so beautiful, but you helped us step-by-step and I am thrilled with what I am going away with!  It has really given me lots of inspiration, thank you!
Lauren Roberts | Beginners Floristry Taster | January 2016

Really enjoyable course, learnt such a lot in a fun environment.  I have recommended the courses to my friends.  Can't wait to sign up for my next course.
Susan Craig | Floristry for Beginners Evening Course | Sep-Nov 2015

Sarah, what can I say - A joy from start to finish!  Fabulous venue, easy to find and then fun from the start.  The handtied was fabulous and different flowers you convinced me I thought I didn't like!  Very friendly teacher with good sense of humour.  Loved it!  I will be back.  
Laura Towler | Beginners Taster | November 2015

Wonderful, lovely, lovely day.  Great pace, lovely lunch and charming location.  Beautiul materials to work with - fragrant and colourful.  I surprised myself in what I could achieve.  Thank you Sarah for a most delightful day.
Liz Gaughan | Beginners Floristry Taster | July 2015

Excellent - learnt loads.  Have joined Facebook finally because of this course and therefore now have a business page on Facebook.  Have mastered ribboning a funeral wreath - yippee!  I absolutely recommend this course for anyone considering floristry as a career.  A real treat.
Lisa Venables | Summer Intensive Career Course | June 2015